The migty wairaurahiri


they are not calling the river the longest waterfall for nothing - more than 30km of continuous class 2

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The Wairaurahiri Expedition

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Video is showing the best bits from the previous 2 seasons on our trips around our famous loop.

What you need to know

This wicked package combines our Packrafting intermediate course with a 4 days expedition over the Humpridge track down the Wairaurahiri and out on the famous South coast trail, arguably the Holy Grail of New Zealand packrafting.

The ultimate way to transition from someone who is just interested in packrafting to someone who IS a packrafter. 

  • Learn the skills needed during the intro course
  • Consolidate your training in a pristine wilderness environment
  • Bring your own packrafting gear or rent ours.
  • Advance your packrafting proficiency
  • Experience a real 5 day packrafting expedition


  • A highly practical beginner oriented packrafting skills course that
    • teaches everything you need to know
    • covers equipment use and care
    • instructs in safety and  encourages water confidence
    • includes basic skills training + on-the-water knowledge
    • online learning of the theory at uyour own pace

    Our Packrafting course is progression based. We start slow and push you harder as we go, depending on your personal confidence and ability. 

    For more info on the course: Packrafting beginner Course 


This once in a lifetime trip gives you access to an area normally visited only by very experienced backcountry travelers. It is the holy grail of Packrafting in New Zealand, and with only four to six trips a year with six people maximum, it is a pretty exclusive opportunity.

While the expedition is a tremendously rewarding adventure, it is not for the meek.  Fiordland weather is unpredictable, the days are relatively rigorous, and the setting is very nearly at the end of the world. But for those up for the challenge, and who are ready to cut the cords in this age of constant ‘connection’, it offers unparalleled opportunities to connect to something a little bit deeper. 

The expedition takes place immediately following the beginner course and runs for 5 days and 4 nights.  For an information pack including the full trip details, maps, and a full itinerary, just drop us your email. 

*please note.

Because of the demanding nature of the five day trip following the course, you must demonstrate that you have achieved the appropriate competency level in order to be able to go on the expedition.  Should you not meet the required level, we can either refund your payment less the Level 1 course cost or transfer your booking onto another expedition departure later in the year to allow for greater skill development.

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The Wairaurahiri Expeditions

Meet our outstanding leaders

Arno was the first to open a commercial packrafting operation on planet earth in 2011. Guiding and teaching ever since. In 2016 Andy joined the team and is now an integral part of the crazy German/American operation called Packrafting New Zealand.  

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